7 de junio de 2011

Gas Natural: Destrucción,Contaminación,Corrupción (Caso Australia Mayo 2011)

"Ayer en Costa Rica, 06 de Junio, un día después del Día Internacional del Medio Ambiente, noticias locales anunciaron que el Gobierno corruptamente reabre un caso cerrado para MALLON OIL COMPANY y de repente fue ganado por ellos."

Yesterday in Costa Rica, 06 th of June, one day after the International Environmental Day, local news announced that the Government corruptly reopened a closed case for MALLON OIL COMPANY and suddenly was won by them.

Today we woke up to find out that 70% of Costa Rica´s territory was ceded for 20 years to extract oil and gas.

This is probably one of the major fraudes and betrayals ever witnessed by all of us. The case was closed and buried in the National Court because it was demonstrated the huge environmental impact and secondary damages it would cause in a country which soil is practically compound 80% only of water sources.

One day after the International Environmental Day, a nation woke up knowing that the next step is not negotiating...our brothers from Australia has proven that nothing is achievable through peaceful ways. Costa Rica is ready to confront whatever it takes to extinguish this cancer...

The actual and future energetic projects of our country cover until 30 years of demand, so, all pressure to establish as soon as possible Gas Exploitation is a mere corrupted move of the past and actual government.

The great coal seam gas land grab in Queensland. Throughout Queensland, mining companies are marching onto private land, sinking wells without permission, and threatening the livelihood of landowners. This outstanding story by Australia's Sixty Minutes program is something that no Queenslander should miss.

Source: 60 Minutes (NINE NETWORK Australia). Broadcast Date: Sunday, 16th May 2010.

Fuente:  Canal de Youtube marcogarrido1.

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